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TenSIX™ (MCS) Moldable Cancellous Sponge is ALLOGRAFT derived from voluntarily donated human tissue. TenSIX MCS is processed and sterilized utilizing a proprietary method that preserves biomechanical strength and bio- compatibility. TenSIX MCS is sterilized via a Gamma Precision Dose Sterilization process that provides Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

Sterile, demineralized/compressive Bone Matrix
Cut and molded as needed, sponge-like fit and fill capabilities
Natural Scaffold for cellular ingrowth; add bone marrow aspirate or platelet rich plasma to create a composite graft
Store at room temperature and re-hydrate in the OR
Available 1.5cm (15mm) Sponge cube or as 5cc Sponge Filler

  Know Your Product SAL
The TenSIX Allograft is terminally sterilized using a validated gamma irradiation process at an SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) of 10-6. This representation of SAL illustrates the occurrence of a living microorganism surviving the sterilization process. SAL 10-6 designates the odds of finding an unsterile product to be 1 in 1 million. Competitive tissue products may be sterilized to an SAL of 10-3. This increases the odds of finding an unsterile product to 1 in 1 thousand.